SimCity BuildIt Scheduled To Launch

SimCity BuildIt Scheduled To Launch



If you are going to analyze the situation, why you should pay for the game you wish to play if you can download same or cloned apps for free. Really, that is another purpose, because it is actually simple to replicated cellular phone applications, there is no big effect if you are going to launch compensated app, as for sure there will be company out there, soon they will release their free version of the popular paid apps. So instead making everyone to pay for it, why not share it for free and then just offer in-app purchase for those who are willing to spend money on game or play it seriously.


When it comes to 100 % free applications, one factor that designers must do, and this is too to get rid of every deceive that gamers can do since this will restrict gamer to make a purchase from premium boost. For example, instead of buying additional energy, they will only deceive using different game playing device and instructors. And that is what actually we are planning to do. We are the challenge for EA as they need to keep their game clean and free from bugs and glitches.


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